Our Journey

We decided to create a blog so we could share with family and friends about "our journey". Our son Noah is 4 years old and he is the constant light in our world. He was born with a rare genetic disorder called Rubinstein Taybi Syndrome.. Life has not always been easy but Noah has taught us how to be courageous. We are so proud of his accomplishments the past four years. He is beautiful, funny, courageous and strong. We feel so blessed God has chosen us to raise Noah.. We also hope that new parents receiving an RTS diagnosis will find comfort in our words. Nicholas is the perfect addition to our family. God has once again blessed us with a amazing, beautiful little boy. We are so comforted knowing that Noah now has a little brother. Life is beautiful having these two angels in our world.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I love My Bath Ma Ma and Da Da

I can't believe how much Nicholas is changing every day. He was 7 weeks old yesterday and I swear every time I look at him he looks different. He can almost hold his head up without assistance and he is smiling and cooing like crazy. When I put him on the floor he already rolls to the side . He looks like he really wants to roll over already. He is still not sleeping through the night but we are working on it. He eats like a champ and he is crazy about bath time now. Hmm maybe Noah told him how fun it is. Noah loves bath time.. I have to take the time everyday to study Nick's face because it will look different the next day.. I love you sweet Nicholas.


Toots said...

TLI has really shaped up to be a real cutie! :-)

Cindy said...

AND take pictures every day, because you will still forget what he looked like at this age (ok, at least once a week!) He's so cute!

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Those are sweet pictures!