Our Journey

We decided to create a blog so we could share with family and friends about "our journey". Our son Noah is 4 years old and he is the constant light in our world. He was born with a rare genetic disorder called Rubinstein Taybi Syndrome.. Life has not always been easy but Noah has taught us how to be courageous. We are so proud of his accomplishments the past four years. He is beautiful, funny, courageous and strong. We feel so blessed God has chosen us to raise Noah.. We also hope that new parents receiving an RTS diagnosis will find comfort in our words. Nicholas is the perfect addition to our family. God has once again blessed us with a amazing, beautiful little boy. We are so comforted knowing that Noah now has a little brother. Life is beautiful having these two angels in our world.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Noah's Latest Pastime

Is it just me or does Noah look like such a big boy in these pictures? Noah has found a favorite hobby. If I let him he would just open and close doors all day long. He is finally tall enough to reach the door handle and figured out how to open it. He finds his new pastime hysterically funny. He laughs so hard that I would swear the neighbors could hear him. I also forgot to post what happened when we went to Noah's Dr appt last week. Noah and I were walking toward the elevators (Noah is obsessed with elevators) when he decided to let go of my hand and take a few steps by himself. He really wanted to get to that elevator. When he realized that he let go, his arms went flying up in the air. It was only a few steps but I was really excited. Pray for my boy that he will walk soon.


Tena said...

Oh sweet Noah, welcome to Caden's favorite pasttime - going inside and outside and inside and outside and inside....you get the picture. That is so cute!! And HOOOOOOORAY on the steps!

Toots said...

Noah, you are getting so big! You're growing up on me! I'm proud of you for taking a few steps. Good job! We love you!

Kerri H said...

A favorite past time in our house as well..open and close..open and close..every door on the upstairs..kind of OCD about it sometimes..great job with Noah and taking those steps..its coming! ;)

marilynd65 said...

Mr. Noah I remember that RED CHAIR!! I would have to spin you around and around for a long time. I would feel dizzy just watching you. I tried to hide it once but you found it. I am also proud of you, Noah, for all the hard work you and your mommy do together. Love you, Nana