Our Journey

We decided to create a blog so we could share with family and friends about "our journey". Our son Noah is 4 years old and he is the constant light in our world. He was born with a rare genetic disorder called Rubinstein Taybi Syndrome.. Life has not always been easy but Noah has taught us how to be courageous. We are so proud of his accomplishments the past four years. He is beautiful, funny, courageous and strong. We feel so blessed God has chosen us to raise Noah.. We also hope that new parents receiving an RTS diagnosis will find comfort in our words. Nicholas is the perfect addition to our family. God has once again blessed us with a amazing, beautiful little boy. We are so comforted knowing that Noah now has a little brother. Life is beautiful having these two angels in our world.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Less Than Perfect

Dear Noah,

I know you can't understand this letter right now but I'm hoping in the years to come you will. I want you to read this letter when you are older and keep it close to your heart always and forever.
I don't ever want you to forget what mommy is telling you. You will encounter some ignorant people in this world that will see you "as less than perfect" they will see you as different and will wonder why you do certain things. They might assume they know you by looking at you or watching how you interact with the world. They might not understand the beauty you hold within. They may believe the way "they" do things is the "perfect" way the "only way." Little do they know Noah. Little do they understand. The most important thing I want you to know is that God knew you before you were conceived. God knew your soul, your heart, your goodness and self worth. He knew exactly what he was doing when he created you. He is proud of his creation and every day he sees the amazing things you accomplish. The ignorance in this world can he hurtful and sad. If only everyone could understand differences in people instead of judging. Don't be sad when you encounter these people Noah, feel sorry for them. Feel sorry that they don't see what God sees and all the people that really love you see. You are perfect Noah. Mommy and Daddy will always remind you of that. In most people's eyes a baby that is born with rosebud lips and pink cheeks is the only kind of "perfect". That is not true Noah. There is all different kinds of "perfect." We are all perfect in our own unique way. Feel proud of who you are and don't ever let anyone make you feel otherwise. At the end of our lives some of us worry about whether or not we will be welcomed into Heaven. You don't ever have to worry Noah. God will be waiting for you with his arms open wide. He will once again embrace his most special creation.

I love you so much son and I'm so proud of you,

Love, Mommy


Kerri H said...

So wonderfully written Kristi..brought me to tears..Noah will understand it completely! Our little guys are smarter than we give them credit for! Hugs! (sniffle sniffle)

Angelica mom to JesusRTS said...

i was brought to tears myself. i could have not put it in better words. yes they are perfect and they will understand.

Christine said...

yup you got me crying too!
I love you guys!

Toots said...

Beautifully written straight from the heart. Noah is the most perfect soul that ever entered my life. God gave us a precious gift in him. I love you so much, Noah! And I love your mommy! You both are blessed to have each other.

Jacqui said...

Beautiful. True. Noah is SO BLESSED to have you as his mother. Our kids really teach us what is important in life.

marilynd65 said...

What a sincere, loving letter for Noah. God has a special place in heaven for you, Kristi, and Noah! Thanks for sharing it with us. Love, Mom(Nana)