Our Journey

We decided to create a blog so we could share with family and friends about "our journey". Our son Noah is 4 years old and he is the constant light in our world. He was born with a rare genetic disorder called Rubinstein Taybi Syndrome.. Life has not always been easy but Noah has taught us how to be courageous. We are so proud of his accomplishments the past four years. He is beautiful, funny, courageous and strong. We feel so blessed God has chosen us to raise Noah.. We also hope that new parents receiving an RTS diagnosis will find comfort in our words. Nicholas is the perfect addition to our family. God has once again blessed us with a amazing, beautiful little boy. We are so comforted knowing that Noah now has a little brother. Life is beautiful having these two angels in our world.

Monday, February 15, 2010


I have been doing a lot of thinking regarding a post from a week or so ago. If you read the post it was regarding my skin being thick enough. I started thinking and I don't think I was truly honest with myself when I wrote that. I was annoyed with a couple of people and wrote that in a moment of scattered emotions. I came across as if I have this extremely thick skin that no one could break through. If I'm being honest that is so not me. I am proud to say that while I may not have the thickest skin, I do have compassion that runs deep for others. I am also proud to say that I cry when I feel sad. I don't mask my emotions and hide them deep within me. I don't pretend that everything is ok when it's not. If I feel like my strength is wearing thin I will show it. If someone hurts my feelings with a comment or harsh words, I will show my hurt. Instead of pretending to be this tough, thick skin wearing person, I am proud to say I'm not. I see the world with open eyes. I don't turn away and hide from the pain I feel. I express it and acknowledge my feelings. At least I know I'm living and feeling everything. I don't mask my emotions and for that I'm proud. Now I can feel that I've been totally honest. This post is really me.


marilynd65 said...

Kristi, when I said you had thick skin I meant that you have a lot of strength. I already knew that you have so much compassion and love towards others. You can't be up all the time and there is nothing wrong with that. I know who the real you is....I am your mom after all. Love you, Mom

Toots said...

I love you and your honesty. :-)